Another region that is worth exploring when you are all set to explore Jim Corbett is the Bijrani Tourism Zone. Known as the premium zone of the park, it houses a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. Beautified with rich vegetation, tall trees, and scenic views of Himalayas at the backdrop, Bijrani Zone will make your visit worth remembering. Out of the complete Tiger Reserve Area, this zone has the highest population of the wildlife. When you visit here, you have to take the entry from Amdanda Gate near Ramnagar. Other than Jeep Safari at Bijrani, the major attractions include open grasslands, deep & dense forests with stormy drains, and the healthy population of wild animals.

Another region that is worth exploring when you are all set to explore Jim Corbett is the Bijrani Tourism Zone. Known as the premium zone of the park, it houses a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. Beautified with rich vegetation, tall trees, and scenic views of Himalayas at the backdrop, Bijrani Zone will make your visit worth remembering. Out of the complete Tiger Reserve Area, this zone has the highest population of the wildlife. When you visit here, you have to take the entry from Amdanda Gate near Ramnagar. Other than Jeep Safari at Bijrani, the major attractions include open grasslands, deep & dense forests with stormy drains, and the healthy population of wild animals.

For the most scenic views in Jim Corbett National Park, Corbett Water Fall is the best place. It is 25 kilometers away from Ramnagar City. Thronged by the green foliage and cascades, the beautiful view of the waterfall will refresh you from within. For the family vacations and group outings, it is the best picnic spot where you will get the chance to enjoy the Swimming pool that acts as a stress buster to your senses. Falling from a certain height, it forms a small lagoon at the bottom. The chirping of the birds, the soothing sound of the water, and perfect surroundings make it an ideal place to spend some peaceful time. Also, be aware of the snakes and crocodiles in the waters.

In the periphery of Jim Corbett National Park, Dhikala Tourism Zone is a well-known area for tourists to explore. Right at the border of the extensive Patil Dun Valley, this zone promises you an amazing experience of the beautiful sights of nature with a tinge of adventure in it. It is approximately 35 kilometers away from Dhangarhi Gate. Also, you can plan your night stay at Dhikala Forest Lodge that is located in the Dhikala Tourism Zone as well as providing cozy accommodation and relaxing you with an outstanding view of the valley with the Kanda.

Placed amidst the River Kosi, Garjia Temple is a prime tourist attraction among others. Located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Ramnagar, you can visit the temple on the way to Ranikhet. The Garjia temple is meant to be the holy place that has the utmost religious significance among the devotees. If you are a newlywed couple, you must go there and seek the blessings of the goddess for a blissful future. Every year, the Garjia Temple receives a large flock of tourists during the auspicious occasion of Kartik Poornima. There are several stairs that you have to climb up to reach the temple. You can also see the ancient stone statue of Vishnu and Lakshmi here.

Forming the eastern boundary of Jim Corbett National Park, Kosi River flows across the park. Though, it doesn’t touch the boundary of the area where the wild animal resides but still, they come here to quench their thirst, especially during pinch periods. To get the ultimate relaxation in the wilderness of the Jungle, Kosi River is a great pit stop. With surreal surroundings, cool breeze, and the peace you get here is unparalleled. It is also a great place for bird watching. Inhabiting Masheer and other migratory birds, you can capture the beauty of your cameras. Also, tourists often come here for Body Surfing, Camping, River Rafting, and more to make their adventure trip even more exciting.

Dhangarhi Museum is another attraction in Jim Corbett that is 20 kilometers away from Ramnagar Railway Station. Other than just the adventures and nature exploration, you can also enjoy some historic past. For those who visit Jim Corbett National Park for the first time can have an excellent introduction through this place. Holding up the information about the topography and wildlife species, the museum will tell you a lot. The Museum consists of numerous artifacts and educational materials from which you can learn the fascinating history of the place and animals that reside here a long time ago. Also, there is a souvenir shop in the museum from where you can take the hand-crafted materials home.

10 kilometers away from Ramnagar, Sitabani Forest Reserve is a hard forest area that is a unique attraction if you want to explore the wildlife other than the Corbett Tiger Reserve. It is declared as the Buffer Zone a long time back because of the allowance of only two modes of transport i.e. Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari. When you visit here for the wildlife adventure, you can spot the barking deers, tigers, leopard, wild boars, elephants, and king Cobra. Sitabani is also a paradise for bird watchers as it is the only place with the species of a wide variety of birds due to greenery. Sitabani Forest Reserve also has historic importance as it is believed that it is the same place where Goddess Sita spent her days of eviction.


The Wild Heritage Camps in Jim Corbett National Park also encourages the people to partake in the most thrilling adventure activities. Perfect to get high on adrenaline, Jim Corbett National Park is perfectly suitable for an adventurous and peaceful holiday together. As you come to Jim Corbett National Park, the prime thing that you will encounter is the breathtaking views of the mountain range, valleys, pristine rivers, and the dense forests. Planning a vacation at Jim Corbett National Park will turn out to be a great excursion for families, corporate team outings, or for a group outing. Regardless of age and fitness levels, the experience of Jungle Safari attracts all kinds of tourists to this beautiful and serene place.

Proudly holding up the honor of being the first national park in Asia to be established, Jim Corbett National Park is stretched across 512 square kilometers of marshy and mountainous expanses. And adding to the beauty of the National Park, River Ramganga and River Kosi flows in the boundaries. The national park also houses a wide variety of plant and animal species which makes it the topmost wildlife habitat. Famous for the Royal Bengal Tigers, as you go for the Jungle Safari, you might get lucky and catch the glimpse of one. Situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, this ‘Paradise of Tigers’ is the key to escape from the vivid city lights and constant traffic roar. Not only wildlife, but the park also has a good population of bird species and is quite known for fishing and angling as well.

Apart from all the mesmerizing beauty of the Jim Corbett National Park, undertaking the adventure activity is the perfect way to satiate your need for rush and rejuvenation at the same time. Jim Corbett offers an assorted range of stimulating adventure activities to those who like to be limitless and want to experience the thrilling escapade. Moving forward, when you are done with all the forest exploration and spotting of the Majestic Tigers, you can pamper yourself by indulging in adventure activities like Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, Bird Watching, Nature Walks and more. For all the visitors who come to visit Jim Corbett National Park, and stay at The Wild Heritage, we organize the Adventure Tour on Request. We understand that the holiday is all about relaxing and forgetting the stress and hassles, therefore, our team of experts manage your adventure tour to Jim Corbett and facilitate you with all the benefits.

Out of all the adventure activities that you’d be expecting in Jim Corbett, Jeep Safari remains on the top. Giving you the chance to explore the wildlife closely, Jeep Safari is an excellent way to be part of the adventurous setting amid the wild. Covering 520 square kilometers of area in Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela, and Durgadevi zones, the Wildlife Safari fulfills your desire for thrill and excitement.

As you go for the Jeep Safari, you will come across the beautiful sights of the Jungle, dark forests, & the animals roaming freely all around. Jim Corbett National Park is a habitat to almost 500 different species of flora and fauna. If you are coming for an adventure, Jungle Safari is a must-try experience. Tourists can book their tickets for the Jungle Safari online. The perfect time to enjoy jeep safari is from mid of November to the end of June. During Monsoon Season, Bijrani and Dhikala zone remains closed because of heavy rainfall and the risk of washing away of the roads. For the wildlife lovers who come to Corbett for an enthralling experience of Safari, the advanced bookings are recommended. Indian nationals are supposed to intimate 30 days before the date of the actual visit while foreign nationals can ask 90 days before for the same. Jeep Safari is the safest mode of traveling through the dark jungles of Jim Corbett. Also, if you are a wildlife lover, you can catch the glimpse of the wildlife species and capture the sights in your cameras through Jeep Safari easily.

Another fascinating thing to do in Jim Corbett National Park is Nature Walks. If you love the mountains, greenery, and the calm vibe of nature, walking around the dense forests of Corbett will mesmerize you like anything. One of the most sought-after adventures that will take your breath away just by the sight is what Nature Walks offers to you. The enchanting surroundings of the forests, the tranquility, chirping of the birds, and the roaring of the wild animals makes it both peaceful and thrilling for you.

Nature Walks will burn your stress and as you walk down the trails, the rejuvenation you get will be unparalleled. During the walks, you can also opt for the Trekking in the morning and discover the jungle. The environs of the Jim Corbett National Park are incredible and the captivating nature you witness makes your heart skip a beat. There is no better way to explore the wildlife and nature other than the Nature Walks or Trekking. In the middle of the exquisiteness of nature, one can admire the beautiful surroundings and can meander at his own pace. Also, on Nature’s Walk, you can have the best time with your loved ones in peaceful settings. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family, as you will get the guide for the Trekking adventure who will take you to the hidden pathways of the forests and will make you witness the most unbelievable vistas of nature.

If you wish to explore the jungles of Jim Corbett, Canter Safari is also one of the popular ways. Perfect for the families, a group of friends, or the Corporate Teams, the Canter Safari can accommodate a large number of people as compared to the Jeep Safari in one go. And only 4 Canters are allowed in the park at a one-time zone. Canter Safari is also cheaper than the Jeep Safari and you can enjoy the wildlife tour twice in a day (paying separately).

This Safari is meant to start from Dhikala Zone and takes up to 5 hours for complete exploration. Dhikala Zone is a beautiful place with scenic trails, native plant life, and the rich heritage of the wild animals. Hearing the roar of the animals, you will also get a glimpse of rare bird species. Though, a day visit to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not allowed yet you can explore it in the Canter Safari tour that is organized by the Corbett Tiger Reserve authority. For the Dhikala Zone, you can’t get the privilege of Jeep Safari due to the safety measures. Canter Safari ensures maximum security to the visitors. Tourists are willing to enjoy the canter ride supposed to come at Ramnagar reception. For the Indian Nationals, the Canter Safari can be booked before 30 days of visiting whereas for the foreign travelers this time is extended for 90 days. Also, don’t forget to take your cameras and binoculars for the unbelievable sights of nature.

Other than being highly rich in wildlife, Jim Corbett National Park also provides shelter to hundreds of species of domestic as well as migratory birds. With more than 550 species of birds, Jim Corbett is crowned as one of the richest bird regions in India and hence declared as an ‘Important Bird Area (IBA)’ by the Birdlife International, a global bird conservation organization. Offering the opportunity of Bird Watching, Jim Corbett National Park is not less than a paradise for the bird-loving tourists.

The park has multiple sites where you can easily watch the birds in peace. One of them is the point where River Mandal and River Ramganga converge. From here, you can catch the glimpse of the exotic birds like Ultramarine Flycatcher, Blue-winged Minla, Long-tailed Broadbill, etc. You can also go to the grasslands of Bijrani and Dhikala Zones for the bird watching in Corbett forest. Also, in the Durgadevi zone, you can enjoy the hilly terrains that are known for their splendid beauty as well as the excellent species of birds. During the winter season, the bird species like waders, herons, ducks, etc. are easily seen in the Ramganga River and its various channels while the Kosi River filled with birds like Wall Creeper, Ibisbill, etc. Moreover, Kosi River, Iron Suspension Bridge, Girjiya Temple, Kosi Barrage, Kyari Kham, Sitabani forest, Powalgarh, & Haati Dangar are some of the most amazing places for Bird Watching & Photography. Go for the birding with your camera to capture the exotic beauty of avifauna while on Nature walk amidst the dense beautiful forest of Corbett.

At The Wild Heritage, experience the thrill of River Crossing with your loved ones. One of the best adventure activity in Jim Corbett for the adventure enthusiast and those who want to go beyond their comfort level, River Crossing is a must-try for the solo travelers, for those seeking a fun time with their families, and for those who are waiting for a time when they face the fear with their friends together & come back much happier than before. The thrilling activity to do, River Crossing at this Resort in Jim Corbett is something that you will remember for decades.

Crossing the rapid river in a Jeep to reach the resort and witnessing the trespassing of unseen animals on the way is an adventure that will give you goosebumps. The River Crossing adventure to reach the resort starts with a mild bumping and as you continue to move forward, the river with a high-rise level of water came across your way. Imagine the excitement and dread you feel there. Isn't it exciting to go over the water fighting with the streams with all your favorites? This is what The Wild Heritage invites you into. Making your Adventure Trip in Jim Corbett full of enticing moments about which you can make stories & tell them to your kids in the future, this resort is a retreat for intrepid travelers. Also, don't forget to carry your camera to capture some of the striking views of nature, gushing of rapid waters, wild animals, and the exhilaration on all your faces on the way.

An Adventure Trip is incomplete without a bonfire session. Who on Earth wants to miss the time with their closed ones clubbed with Guitar, Rum, Music, Chills in the weather, and lighting fire? Those nights that you spend with your friends over the drinks discussing the most special moments of your life and making the one on the spot are the best. And The Wild Heritage Resort in Jim Corbett provides you this adventure of sitting by the riverside overlooking the hills with a bonfire.

The Riverside Bonfire is the prime attraction of this resort that is provided to the visitors amid the wild surroundings of the Jim Corbett. Be it your Family Weekend Getaways or a Group Outing with Friends, the Resort in Jim Corbett entertains you with its cozy and interactive Bonfire Sessions. It is the time when you all can come closer even more. And what's best than the wild surroundings, the mountains, & the bonfire. Listening to the sound of the flowing river and roaring of the animals at the backdrop, light music on the side, delicious food to satiate the hunger, and a glass of wine to enjoy the moment, all of this makes your vacation memorable. The Riverside Bonfire in Jim Corbett evokes the sense of peace and relaxation in you so that when you come back home you feel refreshed and you want to go back to those peaceful times you had with your favorite bunch of people. Moreover, do play games like Truth and Dare, Dumb-charades, or Antakshari to add some extra fun.

One of the greatest mysteries that exist in the life of humans is the curiosity to know what’s there in the space. And this is something that very few can understand or know in their lifetime. But one exciting thing that you can do to feel a little closer to the same is the Stargazing. Staring in the depths of the sky until you get into its vastness is a mesmerizing thing to explore. Putting your imagination out there when you look at the stars and embrace the beauty of it with your bare eyes is one of the best feelings in the world that you can perceive. And taking you a step closer to that, The Wild Heritage Resort in Jim Corbett invites you for the same.

Offering the clear skies with the star formation in it, the jungles of Jim Corbett are one of the topmost locations in India for Stargazing. Believing that there is something special in the sky above you empower your imagination more solely. The 7-star constellation called “The Pleiades” is visible from here and you will be more than excited to know the fascinating story of 7 sisters behind it. In a nutshell, if you want to experience peace in the serene surroundings, try the Stargazing Adventure in Jim Corbett and make memories for life. Don’t hesitate to opt for this magical activity in the woods when you come here for the thrilling vacations. Tell the enthralling stories of Stargazing to your kids, or plan a romantic date with your partner laying under the sky for a mesmerizing affair.